The first phone call from heaven

Assalamualaikum. Salam 6th Syawal :)

This time around, i grab hold of the piece from the author who spent four years atop New York Times list with his other book, Tuesdays with Morries.

I blog about this book once and having reading it again, i found many priceless values worth sharing.

1. The author asked about manna. Does it sound familiar to you? Yes, it is the manna wassalwa that we recite in Quran. He mentioned manna is food from heaven.

2. The end is not the end. This phrase is repeated over and over again in the book. It simply arouse the readers' curiousity in telling that death is a fullstop to one's live. It could be a new beginning to another live. And there is life after this life.

3. That knowing heaven is what heals us on earth. How consoling the words are and left us serene. As Muslims, these are the truth to us. The promise of heaven and hell lead us to many good deeds. Any injustices we prayed to be dealt justly in the Day of Judgement.

His choice of words causing you leafing the pages over and over again. I read three of his book so far, and i rated him 💎💎💎💎

So, how much duit raya you collect?
Mine was below Rm50 😂😂

Till then. Wassalam.