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Saturday, 11 November 2017

English Vinglish

I went to a coffee shop and ordered for Hot Espresso. She asked, single shot or double shot? And the memory of English Vinglish flew in.
I had to ask the same question, what's that single @ double shot mean.  

I took single shot, paid and wait. When it's ready, i was staggered to see that it was only 1/4 of the paper cup. 

Seeing me flustered, one staff came and ask if i needed anything. I requested her to add more hot  water + she advised me to put some sugar. Plus i asked her additional questions like how  actually the coffee is supposed to be hahaha. Thank you. (*a friend told, "anis you shouldn't ask so, but to me if you dont know a thing, just ask. No need to feel embarassed. Its not like we did anything wrong) Usually if i ordered for something like latte or mocha, of course this will come full to the brim. This is my first experience 🙂

*i googled and yeah, one shot equals 30ml average. Lesson learnt. 

So, back to English Vinglish. You should watch it. It's an Indian movie full of lessons. A lady who went to UK and cant speak English. Once, she went to a nearby coffee shop and asked for coffee and was hugely humiliated for not knowing what to order in their terms huu. 

I could rewind the scene many times but still have the sympathy.  

Later, she enrolled into an English course at an institution and passed with flying colours, to her family's surprise. 

Islam put knowledge at a premium standard and thus, it is our responsibility to seek and dig for it.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Percaya dan Berjaya

Bismillah. Memandangkan malam ni free sikit, jadi nak kongsi pasal pengisian usrah hari Selasa lepas.
Tajuk usrah macam kat atas, disampaikan oleh Ustazah Fadhilah bt Yaakob.

penyampaian ustazah sangat best

Ustazah Fadhilah mulakan usrah dengan ayat 95 dan 96 surah an Nisa’ sebagai motivasi untuk semua.

Ringkasannya, Allah cakap tak sama orang mukmin yang duduk-duduk (pergi kerja, balik kerja, layan suami, layan anak-anak, rehat dan santai-santai) tanpa memikirkan urusan agama berbanding mereka yang bersungguh-sungguh di jalan Allah.

Bersungguh dengan harta (duit minyak hadir ke program , meeting, usrah, duit sumbangan dsb) dan dengan tenaga (susun kerusi, kutip sampah dsb). Dok susun kerusi, kutip sampah, padahal waktu kerja dia kita dihormati, ada pangkat, jawatan tinggi. Ni lah sebenarnya medan Allah nak cuci hati kita. Bersungguh iron baju, pakai tudung nak mai usrah/program. Kalu mai pulak, kena hulur duit infaq. Kalu dok rumah, tak perlu pun keluar duit.

Hakikatnya, Allah melebihkan mereka yang bersungguh-sungguh dengan beberapa kelebihan/darjat. Allah bagi keampunan, kasih sayang dan rahmat.

Rahmat Allah ni yang kita sangat nak untuk masuk syurga. Kalau nak harapkan pahala solat, tak cukup. Contoh kisah seorang pelacur yang bagi minum anjing, dapat masuk syurga asbab rahmat Allah. Kita tak boleh kata ni tak adil, sebab semua ni berlaku sebab rahmat Allah.


Kadang-kadang, mungkin kita pernah terlintas benda ni (memang pun);
“ kenapa aku beria-ia dan bersusah sangat, takde masa nak rilek, jeles tengok kawan-kawan atau orang lain. Orang lain balik kerja, rehat , boleh tengok cerita, santai-santai kat rumah. Kita, balik kerja siapkan anak, masak lepas tu siap-siap nak hadir program/meeting/usrah (kerja jemaah).

Ni memang betul. Penat tau. Hehe. Balik lewat malam, esok kena pergi kerja pulak. Yang ada anak, angkut anak sekali. Gitu lah. Bukan senang nak senang (syurga Allah). Ops bukan tu saja, balik rumah pun kena sambung buat kerja (kan baru habis meeting) pastu fikir lagi pasal program-program dakwah dan baaaanyak lagi J Ni belum campur lagi dengan kerja hakiki di pejabat. Sebab tu sangat kagum dengan orang yang terpilih ni. Moga redha Allah bersama.


Allah bagi jawapan lama dah pasal benda ni dalam Surah at Taubah, ayat 105.

Akhir sekali, (ada banyak lagi sebenarnya) Ustazah cerita untuk pegang pada ayat 7 Surah Muhammad.

“ Sekiranya kamu tolong Allah, Allah akan tolong kamu “

Dan diperkuatkan dengan hadis Nabi SAW, Ihfazillah Yahfazka. Jagalah Allah, Allah akan jaga kamu.

Percaya dulu yang utama, in sha Allah kita akan berjaya. 


Monday, 9 October 2017

Off Day

Assalamualaikum. Today is the day i was looking forward past few weeks, because it is an off day. We called it cuti peristiwa since the school held a program yesterday. An off day within the weekdays means less traffics on road. 

I had flu since yesterday and just stayed at home till after Zuhr. A lovely housemate told me "yeay anis nak demam". She was excited seeing me because she said i rarely got sick @ fever. Huh. We called 'this' friendship.

I actually planned to have a Chocolate Indulgence today, but the thought of eating already too much cakes recently dismissed the plan. 

At first i was undecided whether to go and enjoy books at Dar Hikmah and later had Mocha @ Latte at The Grill beside the library @ Plan B.

At last, i go for Plan B. Went to my favourite's bakery Baker's Cottage and bought Egg Tart on promo and a Danish chocolate roll. Then, i went to the famous Nasi Kak Wook at Sri Gombak, sat at my regular spot and ate my roll. I ordered for Teh Ais and leafed through the book i brought - Saya pun Melayu (Zaid ibrahim). I planned to bring along Yang Singgah dan Pergi (Hafizul Faiz) but since i finished it this morning, i changed it to this one. 

* i posted more book reviews on my wordpress blog, click bibliophile page on top and you'll see the link

When the crowd has slowly subsided, i ordered for nasi lauk ayam (tapau) and continued enjoying my book. I was there for 3/4 hour sipping my drinks calmly. It was a fun read. It is a thick autobiography book which i dont want to finish at once. I flipped through the chapters i found interesting first. 

Since the two books i recently bought already done cover to cover, i headed to Pustaka Rakyat nearby to buy at least a book. I first found a book - blogging on wordpress, took it and the second book - I'm a Backpacker Turkey. This will be the third backpacker's collection in hand. The previous two was Germany and ... (i forgot)

a simple girl

I was delighted with this new one, because i used to learn their language last year through an application and You Tube channel. I learnt the vocabs and a bit of grammar. 
I wrote 'used to' , because it has been months since i last opened the app and had even unistalled it. But since i already have an account ,everytime i re-installed, just have to key in my username and it'll bring you to the last learning level you have achieved. I even borrowed a Turkish book  and tried hard to understand the language. Therefore, this backpacker book has something to relate with me, at least. hehe. The flu is getting worse, so i quickly make payment and left. 

I also planned to wash the bike today but since there is not enough cash, maybe next time.  

Nabi Muhammad SAW said, "Bersyukur dengan yang sedikit, kerana mungkin kamu tidak mampu memikul yang banyak "

Actually i have to prepare the slide for tonight's meeting, so i guess i'll stop here. 

With love,

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