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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Turning People Down

Assalamualaikum. So how was your two weeks in this new year? Mine has been great. School has started and the general election is around the corner, meaning I have to work under pressure and at a fast pace. 

I have to train students sajak for a national competition in March which is held once in two years. No, please dont get surprised. I was more surprised when i knew i have to train them sajak. I know zero knowledge about sajak and above all, i have least interest in it. Why it has to be me?? I took sometime to adjust the feeling of having to train people something that i barely know. 

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I was informed about this end of last year and already i conducted a simple audition among the students who showed interest, only to arrive at school on the first day this year to be informed that the student whom i inclined to choose has transferred to another school. 

Aint waste no time, me being an exemplary teacher (hahha) hurriedly conducted another auditions to select the final candidate. The funniest thing during the audition was when they asked me to give example how to perform the sajak :D haha. Only if they knew this was my first time having to do something with this kind of things -__-

Alright, the bottom line is many students (>20) turned up for audition and all i could say was "good, you have the voice/you need more trainings/should speak out louder" while i gave marks for them.

The tough moments came when they started asking, "will i be selected? / when are you announcing the final candidate? / "when will you call me again? " They even showed up at the teachers' room to ask those similar questions.

Oh, how i could i answer that? Sometimes, i give them hopes which i myself will crash on them. I feel sorry i can only choose two students; a boy and a girl. 

It is hard to turn them down after they are looking very hopeful.

Friday, 5 January 2018

The Jungle Seminar

I bought this book at #bbw few years back and loved reading it repeatedly. 

I feel even more close to this book when i have to fit in the shoes of the main character, Anton The Ant. 

Just a fortnight ago, i had to (no choices) attend a 3D 2N course at Hulu Langat. I was so reluctant i almost cry (#crybaby) (#crygirl) (#crywoman) 

Anton The Ant who works as a digger was chosen by his employer to attend a seminar, a few hours trip from his home. He didnt want to go, giving excuses like he cant stop digging, his digging works would be piled up if he left it untouched for days. His wife coaxed him and prepared 'bekal' for his long trip. He went. 

There, he met a few other animals representing their groups too. Then, their coach@leader (The Owl) of the seminar arrived and asked them to introduce themselves. They also have to say out loud their strength and weaknesses. 

Back to me, i was always stucked when i have to fill up a form and have to write down my strength and weaknesses. The strength part is obviously easier to notice (where you can boast about yourself 😅) but weaknes is a bit harder. Thanks to my friends, i began acknowledging my weaknesses 🤗

Anton who was very shy since he is a tiny creature, especially meeting with Elmer The Elephant, the giant one;  later transformed into a better ant without belittling himself. The Owl knew her way to disclose or reveal the hidden potential in each of the participants. 

At the end of each chapter, there'll be an essential lesson for success written. It is a beautifully written fictional story by an expert in the conducting seminar himself. 

I agreed in what he said and his message is as clear as crystal 😇

I give this book 💎💎💎💎

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Writing Your Dreams

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum. 

I used to write what i want to achieve on paper other than visualizing. I liked it better when it is poured down on the paper and would be able to look up whenever i need. 

And true enough, when you wrote something you want to achieve, it will somehow send a signal to the mind that you will work on this. It just works and someday you'll find it realised in front of your eyes, though at first your wishes might seem far away from reality :)

I've experienced it myself and reading the first page of this book was really close to heart.

Mr. Tony Fernandes (afterwards TF) told the story of his tuck box where he had stickers about Formula One team, airplanes and football club. Inside were cassettes of music he loved. 

*tuck box is a box used for storing eateries (like for boarding school students)

A friend of his sent the tuck box he had during his Epsom College after 30 years. The stickers was thirty years back and magically enough, he had achieved what he wanted when he was small. He turned his dreams into reality with a huge effort been put into unconsciously that he had written them somewhere once. 

I always tell my students to write their dreams on a piece of paper/in a diary (wherever).
Your subconscious mind will work into what has been written sometimes unconscious that was the thing that you had wanted before. 

Dream! Even though it might seem far to reach, but be positive. One day, it will come to you in sha Allah.

I have been wanting to read his story before, really want to know how does he started Air Asia. When this book came out, i was really looking forward to buy this. Had to delay for few weeks and at last, i have it in my hands :)

TF told the readers how he achieved his remarkable success around the globe, startting off with Air Asia. He narrated each behind-the-scene stories of his passion for music, arplanes and football. His late parents also contributed in developing his passion but sadly enough, both had passed away long before he started Air Asia. 

He left Warner Music when the company refused to change for good and later he founded Air Asia with his partner, Din Meranun. 

No, if you think his life successes is on a smooth ride, you should think twice. 

The path he took to establish a low cost airline was astounding. It was a long way and he reached a phase where he felt like, his ideas wont work and maybe he should start applying job as accountant again. He even planned to work at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC). 

He faced  a lot of failures and rejections, it is a bumpy road. Yet, he is always energized and pumped up and able to keep the positivity and keep believing himself. 

He managed to convince the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir to approve his proposal of creating a new airline. A lot more i cant detailed it here. 

You must read it yourself.  

To end, do not give up easily dear me. 

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