Learning to Dance in The Rain


In this weather, i got soaked in the rain almost everyday and today is one of the wet days.

Most of the time, luckily, it was on my way back home. Hence, I need not worry that my clothes are all drenched up top to bottom. 

Once, the rain poured heavily on my way to class and when i reached the house, i told the student, " i think we should just cancel the class ", but later i found myself seated in the living room with my clothes are all wet and heavy :D

i spent a lot of time on road, going back and forth to classes. Working from Sundays to Sundays and at certain few days from 8am to 10pm working hour, give me even lesser time to enjoy my all-time favourite hobby; reading :'(

I hardly find time to read past two weeks although i tried my best to make time just to read something, physically. reading digitally isnt included since i dont, at the very least favour that way. Call me a traditional girl, but the advancement in technology just cant beat my feeling when i got to smell and touch the pages of a book :)

Oh, did i mention that when i rode under the rain a lot, that drives me to be more sensitive and thought about so many things. :p especially about LIFE

One thing that i loved to do when i'm riding is smile to myself. its kinda a booster for me and a great way for me to thank Allah. I do want to benefit from my ride and tried my best to train the mind to always remember Allah, His blessings and be thankful.

Sometimes, i do dzikr and other times i recite the verses that i have memorised or even sing songs that i know. I have no radio, so i create my own :D

One day, i want to share my life stories with my kids and grandkids, and not to forget the father of the kids. You never have to imitate what others is doing. We have different exam questions and its illogical to always compare yourself with what others is having.

For improvement purpose, i dont mind to compare with others. But never let the brain to downgrade you just because what you have is lesser than others.

Life is not about waiting the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain :)

<3 Love Flowers!! <3:
a flower doesnt think of competing with the flowers next to it. It just blooms :)

And Allah knows best.